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wanna inform u all guys,

anyone who want to copy & paste any entry from this blog,please inform to the owner first..if not,just add some text at the end of the entry by listing my name..i don't want any misunderstood occurs because people might think i copy the entry from the other blog,whereas i created on my own

suka ke?

VIP special - will be announced today!


Hello guys . . sorry for being too long for not updating my blog because of some assignments that i need to complete  ..actually, we have an exam this week, but before i left this page, i want to write something about the contest that i organised before

 Since i didn't open my blog for about three weeks , today i want to make an announcement about the luckiest bloggers that will be placed besides my blog..

i don't want to mentioned so long about them, u  all just have to see the list of lucky names below, and say congrats to them, okay!

*if u want to go direct to their blogs, just click at the pictures

simple and normal

mici tika dan hidupnya
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ArMie said...

terima kasih!!!

sicomot-comel said...


cantik gmbr tu ^^

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