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wanna inform u all guys,

anyone who want to copy & paste any entry from this blog,please inform to the owner first..if not,just add some text at the end of the entry by listing my name..i don't want any misunderstood occurs because people might think i copy the entry from the other blog,whereas i created on my own

suka ke?



Sorry la braders2 & sista2 sekalian..
hamba lupa nak link kan entry contest bloglist cik SCC kat entry bawah ni..
apa2 pun, hamba dah edit entry tu..
hope cik SCC tak marahkan hamba ^_^
hamba nak cepat tadi.. buat entry bawah ni pun dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa..

sorry bangat!



apezs shah said...

pasti derang ok punyalah tu.

tengku ashran said...

hohoo...derang tu apa yer? ^_^

kira kekuri said...


apezs shah said...

derang tu stand for mereka. :)