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wanna inform u all guys,

anyone who want to copy & paste any entry from this blog,please inform to the owner first..if not,just add some text at the end of the entry by listing my name..i don't want any misunderstood occurs because people might think i copy the entry from the other blog,whereas i created on my own

suka ke?

VIP special


Lately,agak busy. sorry dear.
but, i want to organise something. guess what?
VIP SPECIAL. have u ever hear it? 

malas berleter panjang. straight to the point je okay.
anyone who want to stay at VIP special at sidebar of my blog,
just complete this sentence..

begin with, " kalau saya ada duit sejuta ringgit"..
tell public what u will do with that money.

term & condition

-this contest open to anyone . .
-he/she must completed sentence "kalau saya ada duit sejuta ringgit"..how long?up to you
-ur title must be "kalau saya ada duit sejuta ringgit".
-no need to put my banner. just copy the image of VIP above on your entry.
-link to this blog.

due date : 23/3/2011

hurry up! i will select three blogger only! 



apezs shah said...


wow 3 org je..
adehs... apezs terlewat la ni..
oooo TA busy upenya..

ArMie said...

try my luck!!!


tika said...

join suda,