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wanna inform u all guys,

anyone who want to copy & paste any entry from this blog,please inform to the owner first..if not,just add some text at the end of the entry by listing my name..i don't want any misunderstood occurs because people might think i copy the entry from the other blog,whereas i created on my own

suka ke?

take a relief please


sometimes, i always act as a good thinker by thinking for a little minute on how to settle many big problems that come through my mind. without hesitation, i ponder when i gonna be a "somebody" that will treat patients using stethoscope on the chair,  in a mini room,with a nametag in my white-long jacket. hohoo.

 oh no! my mind turn blank. come on Ash,that assignment is not really tough as you thought.

why i must speak like this? it heard like "someone gonna be crazy"..don't u afraid if it really occurs right now? OMG,please protect me from any fool @ fuck @ stupid thing like that.. bla,bla,bla. 

actually, i'm really stress right now. if someone intrupt me at this" hot time", maybe my mouth will start to sound like this, "Please don't disturb me!". or otherwise, ur face will feel my slap. pupp!! no,no,no! 

when i otw to the college, someone asked me : hey you, your face looked very messy.
me : what? no,no. not really

then, my housemate came towards me and said : u looked like a burnt pancake
me : hey, what's wrong with pancake?

he stunt for a while. : no, i must go now. he left me alone without looking at my face

me : shit! it's my fault!

when i came back to the house, i dashed to the kitchen. pretend to cook without sounding any word,even 
making "cough".

i try to be a "man". a gentleman. 

me : i'm sorry for what have happened just now
he : never mind. i've forgot it
me : i hugged him [as my best friend .please.no misunderstand here okay]
he : it's okay. -he smiled!-

he shaked my hand and said : i've forgive u. let's eat!! 

oh no! he laughed loudly . i shocked!  and ,..

"come on bro..if u have any problem,just tell me.don't mad like this."

i sighed a relief. "i'm okay.nothing to be worried"

p/s : i'm glad to have a very nice friend like him. pray for us to be best friend forever !


Naddia said...

tasks is nothing when u know how to handle things..

send a regards to ur friend. i bet he look alike like you. dem.. pretty boys

Sharinginfoz said...

do something to release ur stress

tengku ashran said...

naddia-yeah,u're right

sharinginfoz-blogging is part of some ways to relese my stress

thanx all

apezs shah said...

haha yeke? mcm mr bean derang tu saje laa tu.. xdelaa ok .. Oh u mix upenya.. yes ada kelebihan pada setiap org dan tak sama kan.. :)

apezs shah said...

yea me too nice to know u..
kalau terserempak Insyallah akan tegur..:)